A sure fire way of deriving happiness (check out http://teatimetips.com/secret-to-happiness/) is by making your body happy by practicing meditation, doing exercise or going for a walk.


While doing breathing exercises you ought to feel each breath pass through you and not do it mechanically,  that is, when you inhale you get the feel of air going in through your nose and reach your navel and your stomach bloats a little. Stop there for a few seconds and then exhale, while exhaling you will feel the tension lighten and thus all the negative thoughts and tiredness gets relived. To get this light feeling of body and soul, focus is very important and with practice you will feel this in no time.


While you walk or jog ,enjoy your surrounding…I think you have a puzzled look 😟. Well first your expression has to be changed into smile 😊. You will feel the change immediately because a smile makes you energetic. As you move while walking/jogging, you can see different plants, shrubs, trees, grass and flowers as you pass them by.

If this is your daily route, you will really appreciate the slow but intricate changes that come in nature with all its glory.While you walk back home don’t forget your beautiful smile!!!

One of the most important thing we forget while going to walk or jog ,footwear it’s a must that you wear a perfect footwear which will be an asset for your own health,due to which your feet won’t complain and you will be very happy. Right type of clothes is also a must. During summer, wear cotton garments, winter you have to put cotton plugs in your ears so you do not suffer from bad cold. Rainy a raincoat is the savior while an umbrella is a big no. (You can look for this at )

Tell me about your exercise routines and favourite loaction to exercise in the comments below.


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