Surprised? Well, yes!
Life does not have a perfect definition, it does not have a set destination. It is made of vibrant colors, like a rainbow, matching different shades of life.
Some of the shades of the rainbow that I look at:
Music is life but do you know the reason why?
Music is the language with which you can communicate your bottled up feelings to the universe. Because of the vast array of genres available today, there is music for every situation you face in life. Generally the type of song or tune you want to listen will be a direct reflection of your present mood. Singing songs/humming tunes will help you release your thoughts to the world and bring you closer to universe. Overall it has an healing effect which changes your mood instantly, distressing you. Don’t believe me? Tune onto a song you feel like hearing now and sing along (not if you are at your workplace though 🙂 )
In nature, light shatters darkness and makes things bright and helps us see things clearly.
For example, the Sun, which gives happiness to so many things by shining it’s life bringing light on earth.
Rays of the sun bring hope, happiness and an overall sense of “feel good”. With a cup of tea or coffee in hand, watch the sun rise one day. You will feel the bright rays of sun burst over the horizon bringing color to the sky, vibrating it with different shades of yellow and orange. Even at sunset, the sun, in all its glory starts to go under the horizion and its brightness dims into  a beautiful circle with a color so beautiful to look at, that just imagining the sunset will make you feel peace. It has the power to dissipate all negative feelings like anger, fear ,tiredness and frustration away from your body. Slowly you feel a deep calmness, a restful peace that urges you to rest, to sleep to dream of the next day that is to come.
We often hear people saying enjoy nature,be close to nature. But, in high rise buildings, in a concrete office, is it really possible? 🤔🤔
How can you enjoy nature if you cant even see it? But you know, I have tried to bring a little “green” into my concrete apartment. Starting with a bonsai, with my small little potted plant garden, with my balcony creepers, I can see green as I look up from my laptop. The feeling that you experience seeing a life grow is unimaginable. It shows me that no matter what happens, that green will continue to grow, will continue to give me a sense of color in at times a grey world.


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