Visualizing Nature

Tell me something, have you ever seen a sunset? Of course you have…Or at least your eyes have. The fact that your mind has seen and registered the sunset is a totally different question. When the sun sets we can see look at the bright sun at the horizon with a naked eye without causing harm. This is because most of the rays of the sun are reflected and scattered by our atmosphere turning the sky orangish red and the sun less intense. (You just learned a teatime fact!) The final image you get is a big beautiful circle of bright light in a orangish red sky with some shadows cast by the clouds which gives a soothing effect to anyone who witnesses it. Now I am not including this pretty picture of the sunset here because I want you to imagine it and then go and see it for yourself, you will love it.

Now as the sun goes down the horizon, darkness slowly creeps in and we see twinkling stars in the sky emitting white light. The Moon is another beautiful celestial object in the sky with bright white light but the sky is pretty even on a no moon day. During a no moon, you can see the whole sky with filled with beautiful sparkles. Many of these small stars are extremely huge in size, larger than the sun (which we all know is much larger than our earth.), but still, they shine humbly in the sky adding light to the darkness of space.

If you are not a night person, you can still see this view in the form of nature that we (sorry…our eyes) witness everyday.
For example, in this picture, the small white flowers on the ground look like twinkling stars in the dark shade. Moreover the tree provides brightness on one side while shade on the other (like morning and night sky). Frankly, you will feel awesome just to be near a tree like this even if you are not thinking of thoughts like this because of the beauty of nature. But it is important that you apperetiate it with you mind and not only your eyes. In other words enjoy this beautiful world created around you. This can be done by relaxing in the shade with a nice book (or an ipad with this blog!), a cool breeze making your skin tingle, listening to the birds chirp or even taking a selfie (like one of the few trends around) with the most famous celebrity ever, Nature!!

I am sure you all must be craving for an environment like this near you or at your favourite location in the city if you live too far away from the park. Time to end your craving and work on it as nature does not demand much from you. All it needs is a little space which is taken by our concrete jungle. I am not telling to leave your homes and live in the forest but if each one of you can find a little space where a tree can blossom and plant a sapling there you will feel that you are giving back to nature and mother earth who have given so much to us.All you need to do is plant the sapling be it a nice palm tree or coconut tree or a seasonal flower tree. Next comes a little care from your end like watering the sapling when its small, and protecting it from animals and kids by building a small fence around it until it is large enough. You will be able to see its progress on a daily basis givin you a sense of satisfaction and pride. Friends give this a try, I am sure you will love it.

Eagerly waiting for your comments, more to come till than check out my other blogs and shopping page and never forget to visualise and enjoy.


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