Secret to Happiness

Interested in learning about the secret to happiness?

Its simple….
Happiness lies in the eyes of beholder. A simple twist to the well known proverb…Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

There are many thing around us that we see, hear and feel everyday but cannot comprehend fully. Think of your morning routine. When we wake up in the morning, our eyes see the world but they also see the light making the darkness wither away and reflect off the dew drops on the leaves making them sparkle like diamonds. Our ears hear the birds chirp, a wonderful melody of nature while our nose tingles with the sweet aroma of fresh scented flowers makes the surrounding so pleasing.Thus your morning begins with small joys obtained by small things which we have forgotten due to our hectic schedule. Try to focus on it tomorrow and notice the difference in your mood. Next comes exercise. (A more detailed blog for exercise can be found at

Now that your morning is sorted out, lets move towards the day. In our day to day life we are faced with a number of incidents that make us both happy or sad. It is completely up to us to shape our day based on these incidents. An obvious way, which is suggested by everyone, is to focus on the good happy things while try to forget the bad stuff, right? It sounds so easy but almost never works!! I would suggest something different here. Think about the bad stuff for some minutes and then force yourself to think about a solution to that problem. If the problem does not have a solution.. think about the worst case scenario and what you will do then. This will give your troubled brain a message that you are prepared and it will help you relax. Thus, improving your day.

Now this sounds easy to say but sounds difficult to do right? Let me make it a bit clear with an example. Say your boss yelled at you for some job that you could not do. Your brain will immediately make you sad and angry. At that moment if you try to calm down and try to focus on why the incident happened and what you could do to make it better, you might be able to devise a solution to the problem and make things right again. Our brain has an extraordinary power of working overtime the moment it senses trouble. If this extra work power is not put into use, it will only decline your mood. While if used correctly, it will improve you day by leaps and bounds.

A well known way of sure shot happiness is making yourself happy.. Do what your heart desires. Want to eat a delicious italian meal? Go to the best italian place in town and enjoy! Want to shop? Go shopping. (Check out Feel like taking a break and painting? Just stop what you are doing and paint! However, you have to make sure that these activities do not hamper your work too much. If practiced in moderation it will make you feel satisfied and happy.

Another very common yet uncommon way of obtaining happiness is by helping others. This one is self explanatory. Have you ever seen someone frown or give a sad expression when a person is telling him/her thank you with a smile? Help anyone, the person in the bus looking for a seat, the old gentleman crossing the street, the kid trying to fix a bicycle, the man who tripped while walking or the server who spilled your coffee. The last one will make you angry but if you just give a smile, say it happens and help the server, you will be making two people happy.

Lastly we come back to our precious bed. Before sleeping think about all the good stuff that happened. Again your brain will panic and think about negative stuff but force yourself to think about all the positive events of your day. You will relax and have a nice peaceful sleep thus making your day both amazing and fruitful.

There is more to come.. Till then. Stay Happy 🙂


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  1. Great tips, Jyoti. Just reading it makes me feel good already. Hope my reading it makes you feel good too. Thanks.

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